ISIS Top 5 Leader Killed By US Drone Strike


US Military Blows Top ISIS Leader To The Afterlife

( – US forces scored another victory against Islamic terrorism this week. A US drone strike in Syria killed a senior leader of the Islamic State (ISIS). Military sources are saying the target was one of the top five men in the genocidal organization.

A statement from President Joe Biden on July 12 revealed a US drone had attacked ISIS member Maher al-Agal near the northwestern Syrian town of Jindayris. Al-Agal led the group in the country and, according to US intelligence, was one of its top five leaders globally. According to the US military, al-Agal was involved in building new ISIS networks outside the group’s home ground of Syria and Iraq. When he was killed, he was working with an ISIS faction backed by Turkish extremists.

A statement from US Central Command (CENTCOM) confirmed the strike and said another senior ISIS member linked to al-Agal was seriously injured. Apparently al-Agal and the other man were riding a motorbike when the strike hit. The statement added “extensive planning” had gone into the attack, and the initial bomb damage assessment indicated there had been no civilian casualties.

Spokesman Colonel Joe Buccino said the strike showed CENTCOM’s commitment to defeating ISIS in the Middle East. However, he added, the group is still a threat to the US and its allies in the region.

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