Iran’s Position on Nuclear Commitments Still Unknown, Official Says

Iran's Position on Nuclear Commitments Still Unknown, Official Says

( – It’s starting to look like President Biden’s desperate campaign to resurrect the Iran nuclear deal has run into the brick wall of Tehran’s unwillingness to compromise. The latest word from the administration is that progress has stalled because the ayatollahs haven’t expressed whether they’re willing to follow the rules.

On May 23, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said there’s no sign indicating whether or not Iran will do what’s required for the US to lift the sanctions imposed by former president Trump. Blinken told ABC News that he thinks Iran knows what it has to do, but he doesn’t know if they’re willing to do it.

Of course, Iran’s unwillingness to follow the rules set by the 2015 nuclear deal is exactly why Trump imposed sanctions in the first place. Since his election, Biden has been determined to resurrect the deal, which he helped negotiate. The problem is Iran didn’t want to stick to it then, and Blinken has just confirmed that there’s no evidence they plan to stick to it now either.

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