Iran Passes Bill Calling US Military Terrorists

Iran Passes Bill Calling US Military Terrorists

( – The Iranian Parliament has unanimously approved a bill stating that the US military and Pentagon are terrorist organizations. The vote, which took place on Tuesday, also approved $220 million for the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guard Corps Quds Force in order to revenge the death of Qasem Soleimani, an influential Iranian general.

The money is being given to the Quds Force, part of the Revolutionary Guard that worked with Iran, as Soleimani was their leader.

Soleimani was killed during a meeting with the Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq, which is another group that had ties to the Quds Force.

There hasn’t yet been a response from the US over Iran’s new decree. However, President Trump has made it very clear ever since the drone attack that US officials considered Soleimani to be a terrorist who helped orchestrate attacks that killed hundreds of American soldiers in Iraq.

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