Independence Day Looks Different — Thanks COVID-19

Independence Day Looks Different — Thanks COVID-19

( – The Chinese coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone’s lives this year. As the initial surge died away, many had hoped life would be returning to normal by the 4th of July. But the virus is still with us – and so are the often illiberal laws put in place to protect us from it. This will be a 4th of July weekend like none we’ve ever seen before.

Many traditional activities have been canceled, scaled back or made impossible by bans. For example, most South Florida beaches – always busy this weekend – will be closed, despite opposition from Governor Ron DeSantis. Californians might find their beach plans ruined, too, with LA and San Diego closing theirs.

Public gatherings are restricted or banned in many states, with Texas imposing a limit of 10 people. Even alcohol is in the crosshairs, with states closing bars that had reopened, or even trying to ban alcohol completely.

There’s no doubt the coronavirus is a serious threat, but on the day we celebrate our liberty it’s painfully ironic that we’re facing so many new limits on our freedoms.

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