Inappropriate Gender Discussion to Be Banned in Schools Under New Rule

Inappropriate Gender Discussion to Be Banned in Schools Under New Rule

( – Democrat activists are furious with Florida Republicans for pushing the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill. They claim the GOP is discriminating against homosexuals. Conservatives say that just isn’t true.

On February 24, the House voted along party lines to pass HB 1557. The legislation prohibits teachers and other school employees from teaching children in kindergarten through third grade about “sexual orientation or gender identity.” If the bill becomes law, parents will be able to sue school districts that violate it.

A companion bill is moving through the Senate. It’s expected to pass its final committee on Monday. Florida Governor Ron Desantis (R) has signaled his support for the bill in the past. In early February, he told reporters it’s completely inappropriate for teachers to have any conversations with young students about gender identity. He also claimed there have been instances of educators hiding lessons from parents. “Schools need to be teaching kids to read [and] to write,” DeSantis said.

Democrats have pushed back hard against the legislation. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s husband Chasten Buttigieg is one of the critics of the bill, spreading hyperpartisan lies on social media about the bill.

Rep. Joe Harding (R), the sponsor of the bill, addressed criticism from the left saying the legislation is meant to protect young children from talking about sexually inappropriate topics before they’re “ready to process them.”

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