Immigration Spirals Out of Control at the Border

Immigration Spirals Out of Control at the Border

( – Throughout his campaign, then-candidate Biden talked about “reforming” our immigration system. However, the evidence shows he could be destroying it since winning the presidency. In just weeks, a situation the Trump administration had under control has collapsed into a crisis as huge numbers of illegals try to breach the US border.

New figures, released by CNN on March 9, reveal that in the four weeks ending March 3 over 100,000 illegal immigrants were detained on the US-Mexico border – the highest February number in 5 years.

Last year, as the COVID-19 pandemic worsened, the Trump administration authorized border patrols to send migrants they had detained back to Mexico. Biden has relaxed those laws, letting thousands of illegals remain in the US to wait for immigration hearings. Of course, many of them simply disappear into the US and never show up for the immigration process.

Now the flow of would-be border jumpers – many of them wearing Biden-branded t-shirts that symbolize the president’s policy failure – has reached levels last seen under Obama. CNN reported that over 6,500 illegals are in custody right now, meaning it’s possible thousands of people have made it through our relaxed border defenses in just a month. How much longer can Biden deny there’s a democratic-created crisis on our southern border?

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