Illegal Immigration Puts Our Freedoms at Risk

Illegal Immigration Puts Our Freedoms at Risk
Illegal Immigration Puts Our Freedoms at Risk

It’s a problem that has been at the forefront of almost every political debate and concern for centuries: immigration and how to control and halt the illegal passage of migrants at our vulnerable borders. While most US citizens welcome immigrants to the country, they agree it must be done legally and within the parameters of the established policy. But there are so many that cheat the system, it makes it easy to question motives and intentions. So where do you stand on immigration as it is right now? What about the border wall?

How Is Our Freedom Under Attack?

Waking up to the news that innocent American citizens, especially women and children, are caught in gun crossfire or victims of violent crimes is hard to hear. But when it stems from illegal aliens or mafia cartel, it makes it an even harder pill to swallow.

Protecting yourself is a right that almost every American has. This means the right to own a gun and protect yourself, property and family at all costs. Gun control proponents feel like there’s enough gun violence as it is and banning semi-automatic firearms is a viable solution. The truth is, we all deserve to protect ourselves as US citizens under the Constitution. Supporting gun relinquishment will make tax-paying, law-abiding citizens vulnerable to illegal gun-toting nuts and wacko killers.

No Rule Enforcement Spells a Bad Outcome

Some in the current government want to use the detention centers and violent breakouts at the border as a way to shift to political bias. An ongoing massive influx of immigrants makes it hard to keep up quality standards and enforce laws.

But this is where stricter rule enforcement needs to come in to play. Allowing illegals to flow in freely with no major repercussions drives the number of those trying to get in, upward. Instead, many Americans agree that harsher punishment should be enforced on those passing over the border illegally.

The Wall Is a Good Start, But Can Illegals Outsmart it? Of Course!

Every theory has been analyzed in regard to how to stop illegals from crossing into the US physically. The infamous Rio Grande located near Rio Grande City, Texas, is a river that acts as a deterrent, but many manage to get past it. Same with tall fences and even parts of the existing border wall that may have small passages where one can sneak through.

No matter how tall the wall or how hard it will be to climb over, those determined will still find a way in. The best solution is to continue to support a candidate that recognizes there is a problem at the border and will continue making immigration and the border wall a high priority.

Should Those Already in the US Receive Immunity?

A huge focus within law enforcement agencies and ICE is to target those who traveled to the US illegally. Because most of these illegal aliens never had to verify personal information and they are undocumented, they fly under the radar. Most don’t pay taxes which in turn drives up the cost of living for tax-paying Americans. The real question is should we let them continue on with their jobs and lifestyles, or send them back to their home country? Seems like the best option would be to go through the immigration system legally so they can become proud, productive members of society.

Should Funds Go Elsewhere?

Some would argue the money being spent on detainees and funding more secure borders should go to other pressing matters, such as building up our failing infrastructure, healthcare for US citizens, valuable job opportunities, veteran assistance and paying down the national debt. But, to prevent widespread crime and allow illegals to really experience life as a true American citizen, immigration control and enforcement must remain at the forefront.

Illegals crossing over the borders and living lives of crime and violence is unacceptable. Remain vigilant and stand up for your rights under the Constitution. It’s what our forefathers fought and died for, and we should accept nothing less than the pursuit of freedom and happiness.

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