Ilhan Omar Enriches Herself Through Shady Business Deals

Ilhan Omar Enriches Herself Through Shady Business Deals

( – Controversial congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has faced scrutiny in the past related to diverting money to her husband’s business. In 2020, public criticism forced her to end a contract with his political consultancy firm. Now, it seems she’s up to the same old tricks again.

On April 14, Fox News reported that on February 23, Omar’s campaign transferred $15,000 to the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. Two days later, the Labor Party transferred the same amount to E Street Group, the consulting firm run by Tim Mynett – who is married to Omar.

In November 2020, Omar was widely criticized after it emerged she’d sent nearly $3 million in campaign funds to E Street Group – close to 80% of the group’s total earnings from federal committees, and a third of Omar’s overall campaign spending. The public outcry forced E Street to back out of federal politics, but it looks like the company has slipped its nose back into the trough.

Records show the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party was a major player in Omar’s 2020 election campaign, sending $128,000 to E Street Group. In turn, Omar paid the Labor Party $430,000.

Has she decided that, now the spotlight has moved on, it’s safe to start funneling campaign donations to her husband again?

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