Iconic American Comic Book Goes Woke

Photo by Joe Ciciarelli on Unsplash

(TargetLiberty.org) – The classic Archie Comics universe is going to be rebranded and one character will be getting a major transformation as they will now become transgender. Reportedly, this is all part of the efforts to make the comic “a little bit more queer.”

The new series is going to star “Strange Science” character Danni Malloy, who was previously the love interest of Dilton Doiley, the main character, and Jinx Holliday, sidekick. However, Danni is now going to become a transgender woman in the new comic.

The announcement about this change was made on May 15th, stating that Mallow was going to be appearing in the Chilling Adventures anthology. The series is going to be written by trans-comic writer Magdalene Visaggio and illustrated by artist Butch Mapa.

Visaggio revealed that this was a change that she has been longing to make for quite some time, and expressed appreciation about the fact that Archie’s publisher never opposed her plans for the books to become “more queer.” In an interview she gave to io9, she also stated that she did not want “Danni’s trans identity to be gimmicky” or to make the character appear to be created only to be trans.

Mapa also stated that he was honored to be a part of the comic illustrations and was excited to be on board even before he learned about what the story was. He proceeded to praise Visaggio as one of the “more important voices in writing today” and added that he was excited to join for the continuation of Danni’s and Jinx’s story.

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