ICE Deports Killer Despite Ilhan Omar’s Complaints

ICE Deports Killer Despite Ilhan Omar's Complaints

( – Controversial congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MI) has a long history of sabotaging the US immigration system, including persistent rumors of a sham marriage to her own brother. Last Thursday, she objected to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) repatriation flight to her native Somalia, claiming it was “cruel” to deport anyone during a pandemic and alleging ICE risked “exporting the virus to other countries.”

Now ICE has hit back with a devastating letter to Omar, explaining exactly why it went ahead with the deportations despite her objections. First, acting ICE director Tony Pham explained that all deportees are checked for COVID symptoms before being out on the plane, and nobody confirmed or suspected to have the disease is being sent home. Then, he went on to list the crimes committed by the 36 offenders among the 39 people on the flight – including rape, murder, conspiracy to support terrorism, sexual assault, child abuse and drug trafficking.

Pham told Omar the letter should give her “reason to applaud the good work ICE has done to protect the American people.” Sadly, protecting the American people doesn’t seem to be her priority.

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