Hutchinson Speaks Out Against Vaccine Mandates

Hutchinson Speaks Out Against Vaccine Mandates

( – A Republican governor is turning up the heat under President Biden’s controversial push for vaccine mandates. Will Biden reconsider with opposition increasing on multiple fronts?

On December 12, during a live CNN debate with outgoing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D), Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (R) said vaccine mandates are unconstitutional, divisive – and don’t even work. Hutchinson pointed out that there has never been a vaccine mandate for private-sector workers before, and that inoculation is traditionally “an education effort” rather than something enforced by law. He said courts are striking down mandates, because, like him, they see them as “unconstitutional overreaches,” and ordering people to get vaccinated will just harden resistance among those who’re already reluctant.

Hutchinson went on to warn that vaccine mandates risked making huge numbers of people unemployed, causing hardship for American families and slowing down our economic recovery. He also argued that such a directive would mean losing some healthcare workers – just when they’re needed most.

As for more shutdowns, Hutchinson argued “we should not even think about” going down that route. He said businesses in the US shouldn’t have to fear being shut down by the government.

Hutchinson and DeBlasio have both regularly urged people to get vaccinated. This isn’t a dispute about modern medicine. It’s a debate about what sort of country we want to live in and whether we should have the freedom to make our own medical decisions – and on that issue, they’re clearly on different sides.

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