Hunter Biden’s Business Partner Says He Met With Joe Biden TWICE

Hunter Biden's Business Partner Says He Met With Joe Biden TWICE

( – Joe Biden is still insisting he was never involved with his son Hunter’s dubious business deals, but that story is rapidly falling apart as more details emerge. On October 27, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, took a wrecking ball to Biden’s denials as he revealed he met the former vice president twice in May 2017.

Bobulinski says he met Biden to discuss “ … what I was doing with his family’s name and the Chinese CEFC.” CEFC is a Chinese energy and financial services company with close links to the ruling Communist Party and People’s Liberation Army. In 2017, Hunter helped its CEO, Ye Jianming, invest $40 million in a US natural gas project, but the deal fell through when Ye was arrested in China on corruption charges.

Joe Biden says he had nothing to do with that deal; Tony Bobulinski says he’s lying. In turn, the Democrats are claiming Bobulinski is working for Russia. That wasn’t true when they said it about President Trump; does anyone believe them now?

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