Hunter Biden Avoids Jail?

Center for Strategic & International Studies, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – In a telephonic interview with CNN on Tuesday, one of the jurors in the case against Hunter Biden, who reached a guilty verdict on the federal gun charges, stated he did not believe Hunter belongs in jail.

During the interview on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” the juror highlighted that while the jury was deliberating, they were not considering the sentencing.

The juror, identified on the program as Juror No. 10, added, “I really don’t think that Hunter belongs in jail.”

The juror made the comments within hours after the jury returned with its guilty verdict on all counts, including one charge stemming from his possession of the gun for eleven days and two charges of making false statements about using illicit drugs during the purchasing of a firearm in 2018.

During the trial, prosecutors highlighted how the President’s son was in the grips of a cocaine addiction when he selected “no” on a form for a federal gun purchase that queried whether he used or was addicted to drugs or narcotics.

The juror suggested Hunter didn’t “belong” in jail because of how the gun was retrieved and the events that led to its retrieval.

Last week, during her testimony, Beau Biden’s, Hallie Biden, who was having a romantic relationship with Hunter at the time, described how she “panicked” when she uncovered the gun in Hunter’s truck, crammed the firearm into a shopping bag, and then disposed of the shopping bag at a nearby dumpster behind a grocery store.

The juror explained that he didn’t believe Hunter deserved jail time because of how the gun ended up in the dumpster, suggesting Hunter’s decision not to press charges against Hallie Biden and not taking his gun back may have ultimately “led to his downfall.”

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