Hundreds of Gavin Newsom Recall Ballots Discovered in Criminal’s Car

Hundreds of Gavin Newsom Recall Ballots Discovered in Criminal's Car

( – There are serious concerns about California’s recall election after hundreds of ballots were found in a passed-out felon’s car last week. Recent polls have shown growing support for the removal of the state’s controversial governor. Are his supporters trying to put a finger on the scales?

On August 23, the Torrance Police Department revealed that last Monday officers responded to a call about a suspected DUI case in Torrance, CA. When they arrived at the scene they found a man passed out in his car in a convenience store parking lot. A search of the vehicle revealed Xanax pills, methamphetamine, a collection of forged or stolen documents and credit cards, a loaded handgun – and more than 300 absentee ballot papers for the September 14 election to recall Governor Gavin Newsom (D).

New ballots will be sent out to replace the stolen ones. Cops say they’re running an investigation alongside the USPS and LA’s Public Integrity Unit. The car’s owner is being held on multiple weapons, drug and forgery charges.

So far, police say, the incident isn’t being linked to other thefts of election ballots. That claim raises some worrying questions, though. How do they know it isn’t connected to other ballot thefts – and how many other thefts have there been? It’s only three weeks until the election. Is its integrity already in doubt?

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