How Unconstitutional Gun Laws Put Your Life in Danger

How Unconstitutional Gun Laws Put Your Life in Danger

( – The arguments in favor of restrictive gun laws are all about keeping you and your children safe. But, does this rhetoric hold true in real life? In reality, these unconstitutional laws can put your life in danger.

Gun violence has become an increasingly common problem in America today. Shootings seem to happen more and more often. Many people insist that ramping up restrictions on firearms and instituting restrictive gun laws is the only way to save lives.

However, stripping US citizens of their Second Amendment rights is a mistake and can actually end up costing lives. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) recently pointed this out during a House Oversight Committee hearing.

Gun laws were not the topic of this hearing, which focused on voter suppression. But that didn’t keep the topic from coming up.

During the hearing, Timothy Jenkins, who serves as a board member for the social justice organization Teaching for Change, said that “nobody has died” because they didn’t have access to firearms. Massie took the opportunity to point out just how wrong he was.

“What you’re saying, Mr. Jenkins, is absolutely incorrect,” Massie said. He continued to describe the horrific situation of one of his staffers who watched her husband shot before her eyes in a gun-free zone. She obeyed the law and left her firearm in the vehicle, which leads one to wonder if that situation would have turned out differently if Massie’s staffer was allowed to carry her gun.

We Need More Good Guys with Guns, Not Less

One thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Usually, those good guys end up being law enforcement. But, the quick actions of armed citizens have prevented many shootings.

The whole reason our Founding Fathers made sure our Constitution gave us the right to bear arms is so that American citizens could protect themselves. When we lose this right, we’re in more danger, not less.

Criminals don’t care about laws. Period. That means restrictive gun laws will only affect law-abiding citizens.

What do gun laws do in reality? They make it harder for good, honest citizens to protect themselves and do nothing to stop criminals from obtaining weapons. Clearly, these laws don’t make us safer. In fact, they make us far less safe.

It takes time for the police to respond. In that time, armed citizens already present can protect themselves and others. Unconstitutional restrictions on firearms put lives in danger by taking away our right and ability to protect ourselves.

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