How to Make Your Voice Heard in Politics in 2021

How To Make Your Voice Heard In Politics In 2021

( – The 2020 election may not be over yet, but it’s time to look toward the future. One way to do that is to ensure your voice is heard through political activity. There are a lot of ways you can do that without much effort.

Here are five ways to get civically involved:

  1. Volunteer for the campaigns of people who you believe will make America a better place.
  2. Attend city, county, and school board meetings.
  3. Help your political party register voters.
  4. Volunteer to work to be a poll worker.
  5. Call your legislators and let them know what bills you would like them to support. Don’t forget you have local, state, and federal representatives. A former congressional staffer has some advice about how voters from both parties can contact their representatives and make sure they listen.

If every American took just one of those steps, the government would start working for the people instead of against them.

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