How Many Times Was CNN Wrong About the COVID Vaccine?

How Many Times Was CNN Wrong About the COVID Vaccine?

( – The first Americans were vaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus on December 14, marking a huge step forward in our recovery from the pandemic. But at the moment of triumph, let’s spare a thought for CNN, who got it wrong about the vaccine more times than we can count. Here are some highlights:

  • In March, CNN anchor Jim Acosta slammed President Trump for saying a vaccine would be available this year, whining that Dr Anthony Fauci had repeatedly explained to the president a vaccine would take at least a year.

  • On May 15, CNN gave Dr Peter Hotez a platform to gloomily predict Trump’s promise of a vaccine this year was doomed, and claimed there was no chance of one being licensed before fall 2021.
  • In September, Jens Christiansen claimed rushing a vaccine would be “colossally stupid,” and backed up this inane argument with a handful of anti-vaccine conspiracy theories.

  • In late October, President Trump announced that a vaccine was ready. CNN “fact checker” Daniel Dale angrily insisted “No vaccine is ready.” – but guess what, a vaccine was ready! It’s the one that has now been approved and shipped.

These are just a few of the times CNN’s deranged hatred of President Trump pushed them to deny that a vaccine would be ready this year. They were wrong every time. Are they going to say sorry for misleading and frightening the American people? Well, we bet Daniel Dale’s answer would be “No apology is ready.”

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