How Does the World Get Out of Lockdown?

How Does the World Get Out of Lockdown?

( – Every country around the world wants to end the lockdown and get back to business as soon as safely possible. The problem is that they can’t agree on when or how. What constitutes a safe exit for one country may not work in another. Lifting social distancing and stay-at-home restrictions can be a frightening challenge. Will any relaxation cause flare-ups and cause even more damage?

The restrictions seem to be working to slow the spread of the virus, but how long can people live under restrictions without it impacting their sanity. If we go back to work, social distancing goes out the window. Workers can wear masks and wash hands every hour, but can workplaces be structured to continue social distancing, even for a short time?

That being said, there are European countries that are going back to work. According to BBC News, Austria and Italy are reopening some shops as the lockdown is eased. There are also reports that Denmark has said it intends to ease its lockdown faster than originally planned. On Wednesday, the European Union warned its members to move cautiously when removing restrictions.

Stopping the spread dead in its tracks doesn’t happen overnight and there are many questions still to be answered. Do we even have sufficient data and models we can believe in to help answer these questions? Countries around the world and our own states differ on how and when to transition.

President Trump and his task force are working on a plan for the US to transition from strict stay-at-home restrictions to normalcy. A plan is expected to be announced in the next few days.

Although the US may serve as an example on how to go about ending the lockdown in the US, they are not likely to take the lead in organizing a worldwide plan for other nations to do the same. Right now we need to take care of us.

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