How Did COVID-19 Get Its Start?

How Did COVID-19 Get Its Start?

( – From the beginning, many scientists suspected that while China was conducting virus experiments in its bio lab in Wuhan Province, it was working in an accident-prone environment. In fact, State Department reports show that US Embassy officials were warned in January 2018 about safety issues at the research facility.

While experts don’t believe that the virus was created as a bioweapon, there are some that believe the virus is manmade.

So, is this entire pandemic that’s taken over 165,000 lives worldwide as of April 19, the result of some sloppy lab procedures? And if so, why didn’t the Chinese government just say so?

According to Aljazeera, China delayed warning its own people and the world about the severity of the virus outbreak. In spite of early knowledge of the virus, China continued to carry out gatherings in its own country where the virus could spread quickly. China also allowed its citizens to travel as millions began their annual trip home for the Lunar New Year celebrations.

The World Health Organization (WHO) even repeated China’s messages of a lack of evidence of any human-to-human transmission. How many lives did this misinformation cost?

President Trump has stated that the origins of the virus are something the US government will be taking a good, hard look at, including the role played by the Chinese government and the WHO.

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