House of Representatives Staffer Faces Serious Charges

House of Representative Staffer Arrested

( – A staffer in the House of Representatives was arrested on child pornography charges last week. Even worse, the breach was in the office that manages security for the House.

On October 13, Stefan Bieret, a 41-year-old Burke, VA man, was arrested after an investigation into a pornographic image uploaded to Dropbox. The probe uncovered more illegal images and pinpointed the culprit as living in Fairfax County, Virginia. Finally, Bieret was identified and arrested.

Bieret is a program manager in the office of the Sergeant-at-Arms, the chief law enforcement officer for the House. The Sergeant-at-Arms, currently Maj Gen (Ret’d) William J Walker, is responsible for maintaining order in the House and ensuring the safety and security of the House side of the Capitol.

Walker was elected Sergeant-at-Arms this year and took office on April 26. Stefan Bieret has worked in Congress since 2004. No one knows yet how long he has been involved in pedophile porn. What is known is Congress’s security vetting failed to identify his criminal activity. It took a suburban Virginia police department to discover his crime. One has to wonder just how safe our lawmakers are when criminals can lurk in the buildings where they work?

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