House GOP Says Hunter Biden Committed New Crime

Photo by Elijah Mears on Unsplash

( – The House GOP has drafted a resolution to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress following his recent decision to defy a Congressional subpoena that had been sent out as part of the House impeachment inquiry against his father, President Joe Biden.

On Monday, Fox News Digital obtained the resolution as well as the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees report that will accompany it.

Hunter Biden had opted to not appear in front of Congress despite being subpoenaed. Instead, he ended up speaking to the press on Capitol Hill stating that he was defying the subpoena as he refused to testify in a private setting.

The report noted that Biden had violated federal law with his decision and that he needed to be “held in contempt of Congress.” It further notes that Hunter Biden’s testimony was an important aspect of the impeachment inquiry, which directly examined whether Joe Biden had previously used his political position to provide for himself or his family and whether he had been involved in any of the foreign deals that his family had been involved in.

The report adds that the investigating committees had gathered a lot of evidence that suggested that President Joe Biden had known of the business activities of his son and that he had profited from them. It adds that Hunter Biden’s decision to defy the subpoenas was preventing the committees from continuing with their oversight duties that are granted by the Constitution. This would mean that the committee has grounds to refer Hunter Biden for prosecution.

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