House GOP Commits To Repealing Inflation Reduction Act

House GOP Commits To Repealing Inflation Reduction Act

Several Congressional Lawmakers Promise To Overturn THIS Law

( – A new Democrat spending bill moved closer to becoming law on Friday, as the House voted it through in a partisan vote. However, Republicans are planning to sabotage the legislation. Will the so-called Inflation Reduction Act save our economy, or will GOP interference prevent it from causing massive damage?

On August 12, House Democrats voted through the Inflation Reduction Act, which had already scraped through the Senate last Sunday. Although Republicans didn’t have the numbers to directly block the bill, they did manage to throw doubt on its constitutionality. Many GOP representatives voted by proxy to deny Dems a physical quorum; that didn’t stop it from passing, but it does mean if any company is negatively affected by the bill’s tax provisions, they can challenge it in court.

Democrats believe the bill’s $740 billion in extra spending will somehow reduce the inflation hammering American workers. Republicans are questioning the economics behind it; pouring more money into an economy where the main problem is a shortage of goods is more likely to increase inflation. The House Freedom Caucus, which organized the proxy vote campaign, called the bill a “monstrosity” and promised to work to repeal it after it’s signed into law. If the bill’s effects are as bad as they say it is, that can’t come a moment too soon.

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