Hospital Announces Pause on Baby Deliveries After Staffers Leave

Hospital Halts Baby Deliveries After Staffers Leave

( – The Biden administration claims vaccine mandates are to protect the public, but now, it appears they’re causing healthcare workers to quit their jobs.

On September 10, a New York hospital announced that it’s “pausing” its maternity service starting on September 25. The reason? Six of its staff quit last week over President Biden’s vaccine mandate, which forces employees at any hospital that receives federal funding to get vaccinated. Another seven nurses at the hospital are “undecided” about having the shots – but if they don’t get it by September 27, they’ll be fired.

Lewis County General Hospital, in Lowville, NY, has 165 unvaccinated staff – 27% of its employees – and the resignations in the maternity ward have hit hard. CEO Gerald Cayer says they’re going to focus on hiring vaccinated nurses so they can “re-engage in delivering babies” – but, 18 months into a global pandemic, the job market isn’t exactly awash with unemployed nurses.

If the Democrats insist on firing medical personnel who won’t get vaccinated, a lot more hospitals are going to have to deny vital services. And how does that protect the public?

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