Hollywood Actor Gets Slammed By Angry Leftists for Being a Christian

Hollywood Actor Gets Slammed By Angry Leftists for Being a Christian

(TargetLiberty.org) – It doesn’t matter how popular actors are; if they have the wrong beliefs, online leftists will attack them vigorously. That’s what just happened to Hollywood star Chris Pratt. It seems his Christianity has offended the woke — and they’re letting everyone know they’re upset.

On April 17, Marvel Studios released the trailer for “Thor: Love and Thunder,” the latest installment in its Thor superhero franchise. The trailer featured an appearance by the character Star-Lord, played by “Parks and Recreation” star Chris Pratt — and the appearance was enough to trigger a bizarre left-wing feeding frenzy on social media.

One scene in the trailer hinted that Thor, a Marvel character based on the Norse god of thunder, has romantic feelings for Star-Lord. That was enough for Twitter fanatics to assume Pratt, who has never made a secret of his Christian faith, must have been uncomfortable with the scene. And of course, being kind, caring Liberals, their immediate reaction was to gloat about it.

One tweet declared “I’m so happy his star-lord has to be subtly gay with Thor,” before hoping “Pratt is feeling suicidal.” Another said, “so glad to see it’s gay, I hope Chris pratt had the worst f***ing time of his entire life.”

In fact, Pratt has regularly and vigorously denied having any problem with gay people. Responding to claims his church is anti-gay he said, “Nothing could be further from the truth” and added his church welcomes “absolutely everyone.”

It seems more likely Pratt is being targeted simply because he’s a Christian. Last December, Joe Rogan publicly defended the actor, calling leftist attacks “a bully pile-on” and slamming the perpetrators as “insane.” With every outburst, it looks more and more like Rogan was right.

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