Hillary Clinton Speech Hints That She Wants to Run Again

Hillary Clinton Speech Hints That She Wants to Run Again

(TargetLiberty.org) – There’s growing speculation that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is planning another run at the White House. A speech she gave last week is being interpreted as fishing for one last shot at being president.

On February 17, Clinton spoke to the New York State Democratic Convention in NYC, firing up her supporters and promising to help Dem candidates campaign for November’s midterm elections. However, many analysts believe the campaign she’s really interested in is her own.

Clinton took the opportunity to deny being involved in spying on former president Donald Trump, even though special counsel John Durham has allegedly found evidence the illegal attacks on Trump’s servers were organized by her campaign. She claimed the accusations against her are an attempt to divert attention from the January 6 committee, and blamed ongoing political divisions on Trump.

The main theme of the speech, though, was identifying Clinton herself with the mainstream Democrat platform. The fact is, the Democrats lack candidates who appeal to ordinary Americans. Most of the party’s senior figures are too extreme or too ineffective. Clinton made sure to cover every issue that matters to ordinary Americans, and hinted heavily that she’s the only one who can deliver the policies the country actually wants. Why would she do that if she isn’t planning to run again?

And furthermore, why would she think she’ll do any better than last time?

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