Here’s a List of Trump’s Ongoing Election Lawsuits

Here’s a List of Trump’s Ongoing Election Lawsuits

( – The Trump Campaign has filed lawsuits in multiple states since Election Day to make sure the process was fair. President Trump has said he believes he won big if only legal votes are counted.

Here’s a list of the ongoing lawsuits as of Monday, November 9 at noon eastern.


  • A lawsuit filed alleged election officials rejected ballots that were filled in with Sharpie markers.


  • There’s a suit to stop ballots received after Nov. 3 from being counted. The case is ongoing, but the SCOTUS required the ballots to be kept separate.
  • The Trump campaign wants to stop the Montgomery County Board of Elections from counting mail-in ballots.
  • Another suit is ongoing to force the PA secretary of state to order citizens to provide identification earlier than the November 12 cut-off.

The campaign is also going to request recounts in key states where the vote falls within the margin to count again. Although the mainstream media has declared Joe Biden the winner of the race, the fight rages on. President Trump is not out yet.

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