Heat Wave in China Threatens Global Supply Chain

Heat Wave in China Threatens Global Supply Chain

Natural Disaster: Experts Sound Alarm On New Incoming Threat

(TargetLiberty.org) – A heat wave isn’t just hitting the US and Europe; China is suffering from it as well. The situation in the communist country could impact the rest of the world.

China is currently battling its longest heat wave on record. The country is so hot that the Yangtze River’s water levels are dangerously low, reportedly threatening the survival of more than 5,000 square miles of agricultural land. The area that relies on irrigation is still okay for the moment, but the outlying regions are suffering. Creeks and small reservoirs are drying up.

Dean Cheng, an expert in Asian Studies for the Heritage Foundation, told The Daily Signal the communist country’s water supply is in bad shape. Shortages are also impacting the electrical grid, which is already hurting supply chains.

Cheng went on to say that he thinks China is going to become “less reliable as part of the global supply chain.” But there is a possibility that companies will begin building factories elsewhere.

Rolling blackouts in the nation have led to the deaths of thousands of chickens and fish. The news is bad for world leaders who were already concerned amid a global hunger crisis that is being made worse by the Russian war. And there is no end in sight for either issue.

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