Harvard Prof: Outlaw Homeschooling!

Harvard Prof: Outlaw Homeschooling!

(TargetLiberty.org) – A law professor at Harvard, Elizabeth Bartholet, was recently the subject of an article in the university’s magazine extolling her position on children being taught at home. In essence, she fears American children won’t be indoctrinated into the Progressive Liberal Agenda.

In her opinion, the government should step in and trample parents’ Constitutional rights and ban the practice completely. The illustration accompanying the piece shows a house built upon books, the Bible is one, with a girl looking out a window covered by prison bars. In an article championing traditional education as the only way to go, they probably shouldn’t have misspelled “arithmetic.”

Bartholet seems to think the state shouldn’t just be the place children learn their ABCs and 123s, but it should also dictate what’s morally acceptable. Is homosexuality ethically correct? Pedophilia? Abortion? A disdain for the viewpoints of others? In the professor’s worldview, and that of many of her ilk, defining a child’s morals should be the job of Big Brother and not mom and dad, as they apparently can’t be trusted.

History has shown people trying to create a totalitarian government target school children as a major focus for their propaganda onslaught. Why? Because if they control the narrative and dictate what’s right and wrong for children, when they grow up they’ll be good obedient robots who won’t dare to question their overlords.

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