Harvard Gets Defunded?

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

(TargetLiberty.org) – Idan Ofer, an Israeli billionaire announced that both he and his wife would be resigning from the executive board of the Harvard Kennedy School following the recent response of the school presidency to a student organization-led letter which placed the blame for the recent Hamas terrorist attack on Israel.

In a statement, Ofer noted that he and his wife Batia were resigning from their position in protest of the “insensitive response” given by the university’s president who failed to condemn the letter that placed the blame for the attack on Israel.

The letter in question was signed by 31 student groups and was released after the Hamas attack against Israel. In it, the groups condemned Israel for their actions and wrote that the “regime” was “entirely responsible” for all of the violence that had erupted. They added that the “apartheid regime” was solely to blame.

The groups added that for over seven decades the violence from Israel has defined Palestinian existence. As they point out the country routinely tries to seize land, launches airstrikes, has military checkpoints, and arbitrarily detained people, separates families, and conducts targeted killings. As they noted this situation has resulted in Palestinians needing to live in a constant “state of death.”

Across the U.S. many criticized the letter however, Harvard President Claudine Gay did not provide a response to the letter at first. After many called for Gray to condemn the letter she posted a video in which she condemned the terrorist attack but stated that she was committed to the campus being a place of “free expression.”

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