Gynecologist Goes Viral for Asking Internet One Simple Question

Gynecologist Goes Viral for Asking Internet One Simple Question

( – When an Indiana gynecologist asked the internet for advice on his new office, he probably didn’t expect much response. What actually happened was overwhelming.

On December 5, Dr. Ryan Stewart, of the Midwest Center for Pelvic Health in Indianapolis, IN, told Twitter he was designing a new office and wanted suggestions from women. He clearly hoped the tweet would go viral – because he said so – but did he expect it? Who knows?

In any case, it quickly did – and in the end, he got more than 3,000 replies. There were a couple of people complaining some men need gynecologists, too, but mostly what he got was women making suggestions on how his office could be made less intimidating, more efficient and more pleasant to visit.

Dr. Stewart got recommendations about disabled access, protecting women from abusive partners and making examination rooms less intimidating. He also received suggestions about soundproofing and insulation.

Women asked for less revealing gowns, speculums other than cold metal, and walls painted in other colors than pink. They suggested allowing children to come to appointments, decorated ceilings to look at during examinations, and places to put their clothes. The variety, imagination and sincerity of the suggestions were stunning – and if Dr. Stewart adopts the best of them, he should end up with an office that’s the envy of all in his field.

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