Gun Control Group Has Its Own Sugar Daddy

Gun Control Group Has Its Own Sugar Daddy

( – Organizations that advocate for gun regulation typically only make a lot of noise when something big happens, and the next big thing is the 2020 election. So, naturally, anti-gun advocates are hitting the pavement with their rallies and social media campaigns.

One of the biggest gun control groups, Everytown for Gun Safety, is really taking action. The group is flaunting the $60 million it has allocated to campaigning throughout 2020 to try and “take down” pro-gun politicians. It’s spending about twice as much as the NRA did during Trump’s election year.

The group’s suddenly large bank balance — accounting for the surge of activity and increased social media presence — brings up a question: where is Everytown for Gun Safety getting this kind of money from?

The answer can be found by looking at the organization’s co-founder: DNC candidate Michael Bloomberg.

It’s only natural that the left-leaning billionaire would spend a fraction of his enormous wealth to indirectly aid his presidential campaign. Bloomberg has nearly outspent every other presidential candidate combined so far and may very well achieve that goal. So, remember where all that money came from the next time you see an anti-gun rally in your town.

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