Gun Control Draws Armed Protest in Virginia

Gun Control Draws Armed Protest in Virginia

We have a breaking update regarding our previous article about the Second Amendment sanctuary movement taking place in Virginia.

Militia members from all over the United States have now banded together asking for thousands of protesters to show up with their guns in late January at Virginia’s capital.

Some consider this to be one of multiple “extreme measures” these militia members are taking and are unsure of why. The answer: Democratic Governor Ralph Northam has been pushing for stronger gun laws in Virginia, even though the majority of state residents have made it clear that’s not what they want.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) is helping to plan the rally and has estimated that up to 100,000 people could show up.

Local police are worried about the number of people showing up, as are many others who plan to observe the event. Chief counsel and policy director at Giffords Law Center, Adam Skaggs, said:

“There’s a dangerous intersection here of speech and guns, and what I think is critically important is that we don’t see the sort of armed intimidation and even violence that resulted… in Charlottesville.”

The rally is set to take place on January 20.

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