Gun Advocates Score a Win

Gun Advocates Score a Win

( – Supporters of the Second Amendment have always maintained they should have the right to carry weapons everywhere. Gun-free zones create situations where citizens are sitting ducks. Mass shootings in churches and schools in recent years have proven that to be true. That’s what makes the passage of a bill in the Louisiana House such a big win.

The Bill

State Rep. Brian Fontenot (R) sponsored a bill to allow concealed carry in Louisiana churches. House Bill 334 passed the House and advanced through a Senate committee.

The bill doesn’t automatically mean people will be able to conceal carry in every church, but it makes it easier. Fontenot says pastors will still have to approve it, but they won’t have to tell the rest of the congregation.

Church Shootings Could Be Prevented

If a pastor allows concealed carry in their church, it could prevent mass shootings.

Dylann Roof walked into Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015, and killed 9 people during Bible study. None of the people in the church had a weapon and they were unable to fight back.

On November 5, 2017, a gunman walked into the First Baptist Church and murdered 26 parishioners. The youngest was 18 months old. The suspect was later shot outside of the church by an armed resident, but by that time it was too late — he’d already killed more than two dozen innocent people.

Louisiana had a similar tragedy, not as many people died, but it was horrific all the same. In 2005, 5 people were killed in a domestic violence incident at the Ministry of Jesus Christ Church in Baton Rouge.

Guns Save Lives

All of those lives could have potentially been saved had someone in the houses of worship had a gun. That’s why it’s so important Americans everywhere be allowed to exercise their right to protect themselves. Fortunately, it may get a whole lot easier to do that in Louisiana.

Hopefully, the rest of the states move forward with similar bills. Guns save lives, it’s about time everyone starts recognizing that.

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