Guidelines or Martial Law? Your Choice

Guidelines or Martial Law? Your Choice

( – The White House and CDC announced stricter guidelines regarding the coronavirus outbreak on Monday. According to some, Americans could see “forced compliance” if we ignore them.

Speaking at a press conference Monday afternoon, President Donald Trump told the American people that gatherings of more than 10 people must be avoided for at least 15 days and possibly longer. He also asked the public to avoid places such as bars and eat-in restaurants, urging them to order take-out instead.

Following the press conference, editor Katie Pavlich told Fox News that Americans could soon be forced to comply with these guidelines if they don’t follow them voluntarily. She also reminded viewers that the President had said all options were still on the table.

While no details have been disclosed about what forced compliance means, a worst-case scenario could have us facing down martial law. Nothing’s off the table.

The new guidelines issued by the White House are an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19 with social distancing. The hope is that we can “flatten the curve” and keep our health care system from becoming overwhelmed, which means fewer people will die.

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