Guardian Angels Battle Looters In NYC

Guardian Angels Battle Looters In NYC

( – Civil disorder in New York City seems to be raging out of control, with the NYPD unable to contain the violence. State and city governments are unwilling to activate the National Guard to help. Some law-abiding New Yorkers are doing what they can to help, though.

Curtis Sliwa, the 66-year-old founder of the Guardian Angels, has been leading his red-jacketed citizen crime fighters against looters in some of the city’s most violent areas.

Sliwa told Fox News that his trained, but unpaid, volunteers have been concentrating on Chinatown during the lockdown. Their plan was to protect residents against racist attacks, but when rioting broke out, they switched strategy to deter looters.

Sliwa himself was injured outside a Foot Locker store on Broadway on Tuesday, when he was hit in the face with a hammer during an hour-long battle against a mob of wannabe sneaker thieves.

Sliwa, who suffered a broken jaw in the attack, says New York’s bail reform laws – which mean most looters are back on the streets within hours – are making the situation a lot worse.

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