Gruesome Crime In Red State Resulted In Massive Manhunt

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

( – Lt. Timothy Kean, second in command at the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office, has announced that Francisco Oropesa, the suspected gunman who killed five of his neighbors, was brought into custody. According to a report, Oropesa was apprehended in Conroe, Texas, following a four-day manhunt. The FBI has noted that Oropesa was caught hiding in a laundry closet.

Following the original arrest, Kean remarked that additional arrests had been made in connection to the five murders. During a press conference on Wednesday, Kean stated that while he could not provide the exact number of arrests, there were no more than five people arrested in connection to the case. Kean also avoided using Oropesa’s name but argued that everyone knew whom he was referring to and he was currently in jail. He further argued that Oropesa did not deserve any “glory” for his actions.

It was not confirmed whether Oropesa’s wife was one of those arrested, however, the Associated Press reported that Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson had said that Divimara Lamar Nava, 53, Oropesa’s wife was one of the people arrested in connection to Friday night’s shooting.

Kean, who was one of the law enforcement agents who responded at the scene stated that in the initial call, a man was noted to be firing his rifle on his property. Apparently, a number of neighbors requested that he stop as he was scaring an infant. In order for law enforcement officers to come to the scene they needed to leave an aggravated robbery call as the department is understaffed according to Kean.

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