Graham Predicts Roe v Wade Won’t Impact Midterms

Graham Predicts Roe v Wade Won’t Impact Midterms

Top Republican Reveals Why Democrats Face An Uphill Battle Winning The Midterms

( – Last week, a corrupt staffer leaked confidential documents and revealed the Supreme Court is considering overturning the landmark Roe v Wade decision. Liberals haven’t been this angry since Elon Musk bought Twitter. However, a senior Republican has dismissed claims that this will affect November’s midterm elections, arguing that compared to how bad the Biden administration has been so far, abortion law just isn’t as important to voters.

Talking to journalists on May 8, Senator Lindsay Graham (R-NC) said while the repeal of Roe v. Wade would hand more control over abortion law to legislators, he doesn’t see the change being a major influence on how people vote in November’s midterms. Instead, he thinks, the issue will be overshadowed by the failures of the Biden administration — and especially the rising cost of living. He said, “When you go to the grocery store, when you go to a gas station, that’s going to remind you of the incompetency of the Biden administration.”

Graham continued by saying the end of Roe v. Wade would allow lawmakers to put forward bills to set abortion laws, and if voters didn’t like the result, they could kick out the people who made the laws. He pointed out that on May 11, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) will present a bill that would legalize abortion to the last day of pregnancy, while Graham himself has one that would restrict abortion to the first 20 weeks — still later than almost all countries allow. He said “Before, you were shut out, you had no avenue” because the framework of abortion legislation was set by judges. Now power will be back where it belongs — in the hands of voters and their elected representatives.

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