Governor Pushes Back Against Dangers of Communism

Governor Pushes Back Against Dangers of Communism

( – Nebraska has become the first US state to officially remember the victims of communism in a move the state’s governor says has two purposes – to commemorate those who have suffered in the past, and to warn against the continuing evils of far-left authoritarianism.

On July 7, Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts (R) declared that July is now Victims of Communism Remembrance Month. He told reporters that, with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, Americans have to remember the human suffering caused during that century.

Ricketts said that communist governments have been responsible for the deaths of almost 100 million people (almost certainly an underestimate) and that the CCP is “no different” to other murderous far-left regimes. He pointed out that even today, the CCP is brutally oppressing the people of occupied Tibet, the population of Hong Kong and its own Uyghur minority, as well as perpetrating widespread human rights abuses and intellectual property theft.

Regarding the growing acceptability of socialist rhetoric on the American Left, Ricketts warned that “People need to understand it is really fundamentally against what we stand for here in America.” He urged Americans to listen to people who have escaped from communist regimes to hear their stories firsthand.

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