GOP Victory Spells Trouble for Democrats

GOP Victory Spells Trouble for Democrats

( – Less than a year into Joe Biden’s term as president, Democratic gloating at last year’s controversial election result is turning to anxiety. Disappointing performances this week by two left-wing candidates hint that Biden’s electoral base is crumbling fast.

Early on November 3, former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe (D) called Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin to concede the state’s gubernatorial election. Virginia has elected a Democrat governor since 2013. It only had one Republican in the job this century, but McAuliffe, who was five points ahead as recently as late September, managed to lose to a political newcomer who supports individual rights and self-reliance. McAuliffe offered more of the same wokeness, government bureaucracy and overreach the Biden administration offers, and Virginians don’t want it.

New Jersey also voted for a new governor on November 2, and like Virginia, the Democrats thought they had it in the bag. It turned into an unexpectedly even fight, though, and late Wednesday, the result was still too close to call. Thursday, however, Phil Murphy (D) was declared the winner by a narrow margin.

On Tuesday, Biden predicted Dem wins in both contests and laughed off suggestions his performance was hurting Democrat candidates. Tuesday’s votes could ramp up panic among Democrats with Moderates already reluctant to vote for Biden’s massive spending programs. If voters are already losing patience with Biden’s bungling big-government approach, is this really the right time for mainstream Democrats to raise taxes and spend trillions?

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