GOP Refuses to Take Down Unofficial Ballot Boxes in California

GOP Refuses to Take Down Unofficial Ballot Boxes in California

( – California’s Democrat-run state government has demanded the Republican Party remove unofficial ballot boxes in battleground counties – but the GOP has hit back, insisting the boxes are legal under a law the Democrats themselves forced through.

Republicans have been setting up drop-off boxes, some of them in churches and gun stores, where voters can leave completed postal ballots. Until 2016, that would’ve been illegal under California law, but a November 2016 amendment to the electoral code lets voters designate any person to return their ballot – including a pastor or gun store owner. For nearly four years, Dems have been vigorously defending the law against Republican opposition, but now that the GOP is using it themselves, they’re crying foul.

Democrats are very concerned with ballot harvesting, according to Local GOP spokesman Hector Barajas. Yet, they’re the ones who wrote the legislation, voted for it, and Gov. Jerry Brown signed it into law.

The demands are coming from CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla; Republicans say Padilla is just trying to deflect attention from his own activities. In August, Padilla signed a $35-million “Get out the vote” contract with a Washington, DC, PR firm – which is run by a member of Joe Biden’s campaign team. Last week, the CA state comptroller ruled that this contract was unauthorized.

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