GOP Pledges Tougher Rules on Voter Fraud Amid Trump’s Claims of Election Tampering

GOP Pledges Tougher Rules on Voter Fraud Amid Trump's Claims of Election Tampering

( – The 2020 election was the messiest and most disputed in US history, and the real outcome still isn’t clear. Now, Republican lawmakers are trying to make sure nothing like this fiasco ever happens again.

Republican legislators across the US are working to fix the laws that turned out to be so open to abuse this year. In Pennsylvania, they’re trying to overturn new absentee voting laws passed last year. In Georgia, they’ve also pledged to fix the loopholes that led to delayed, lost and disputed votes. Now, the party is taking up the challenge at the national level, focusing on restricting mail-in ballots to those who actually need them and using voter ID laws to make sure voters are who they say they are.

On December 21, Republican National Convention spokesman Steve Guest said “The RNC will never stop fighting to ensure fair and free elections.” Some Democrats are already trying to discredit what the GOP is doing, labeling it “voter suppression,” but Guest dismissed those claims.

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