GOP May Have Advantage Over Democrats in Midterm Elections, Report Reveals

GOP May Have Advantage Over Democrats in Midterm Elections, Report Reveals

( – Midterm elections are just a few short months away, driving rumors about whether Republicans might manage to regain control over the House or Senate. While it’s impossible to predict a reliable outcome this early in the game, a new poll from Monmouth University suggests the GOP is in a far stronger position than previously expected.

Poll Shows Strong Support for Republicans

Monmouth University’s poll asked voters to indicate how they felt about a number of key issues currently influencing the 2022 political landscape. Their core findings reflect shifting sentiments among Americans who are dissatisfied with President Joe Biden and the DNC at large.

First, respondents overwhelmingly expressed a lack of faith in either party’s ability to relate to the average citizen’s financial struggles. Only 23% felt congressional Democrats cared about their economic stability. A whopping 47% said the DNC doesn’t care about their needs. Results for the GOP followed similar statistics.

The core message, here, seems to be the same: voters feel politicians aren’t paying enough attention to their financial struggles.

Monmouth’s poll also revealed another surprising fact that could become the GOP’s key to securing a win in November.

Pollsters asked voters to weigh in on who they would rather see in control of Congress after midterm elections. Just 33% sided with Democrats, while a slightly higher 35% indicated they stood in support of Republicans instead. But a whopping 42% said party lean doesn’t matter until the survey pushed them to pick a side. Around 10% sided with the DNC, while a slightly higher 15% threw their hats in with the GOP instead.

More People Self-Identifying as Republicans

Self-identification numbers also demonstrated a significant skew. Just 26% indicated they belonged to the Democratic Party. Around 31% considered themselves members of the Republican party instead.

Those numbers might not seem strong at first glance, but a quick look at how they’ve changed since 2021 paints a far more revealing picture. Last year, almost 34% of respondents self-identified as Democrats. Just 23% said they were Republicans in the same time frame indicating a strong rise in support for the GOP.

President Joe Biden’s abysmal job rating may be driving this shift. Only 39% of respondents approve of the job he’s doing, while 54% disapprove. The lower the number sinks, the more people will begin jumping ship or switching sides.

Shifting Support May Become a Hail Mary

With independents seeming to favor Republicans when push comes to shove, it may very well become the GOP’s hail Mary in the coming months. But the fact Monmouth’s poll showed a rise in support for Conservatives is also critical; it proves attitudes towards the two parties are shifting despite voter concerns about whether they care about the average citizen.

As of right now, it’s still anyone’s game. However, if enough independents side with Conservatives when election day arrives, it may very well be enough to help the party regain control of Congress. The political landscape might look very different in 2023.

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