GOP Leaders Accuse Biden Administration of Misusing Power

GOP Leaders Stand Against Biden's Energy Plans

( – Republican senators have reacted strongly to reports that the Biden administration is secretly planning even more green reforms that could mean higher fuel costs for Americans.

In an April 20 letter to Climate Chief John Kerry, Republican members of the Senate Banking Committee urged the administration not to impose rules that would cripple our economic recovery and push up the price of fuel.

The letter was a response to reports that the administration has been quietly pressuring banks to cut back on loans to energy companies.

In March, Politico reported Kerry was pushing banks to commit to “climate-friendly” financial rules. The letter, signed by twelve senators, reminds him that only Congress can make laws and accuses him of “misusing government power” to influence banks. It’s also rumored President Joe Biden wants to use executive orders on finance to push the so-called Green New Deal, instead of risking defeat in Congress. This week, the senators made it clear they won’t be blindsided so easily.

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