GOP Lawmakers Ask Why National Guard Is Still Needed At Capitol

GOP Congress Members Question National Guard Presence at the Capitol

( – Republican legislators asked Wednesday why thousands of National Guard troops are still posted around Congress a week after Joe Biden’s inauguration. Last week, they were there to provide security for the event; this week, who knows?

On January 27, Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) wrote in an op-ed, “I’m aware of no specific, credible threat reporting … that justifies this continued troop presence.” Cotton, himself a US Army veteran, said he thinks the troops should now be ordered to stand down and sent home.

The same day, 11 GOP representatives asked the Army Secretary for a briefing on why the Guard troops are still at the Capitol, with a focus on what – if any – threat reporting justifies their presence. The congressmen pointed out that the National Guard has been stretched to the limit over the last year dealing with the COVID pandemic, and shouldn’t be kept activated if its members are no longer needed.

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