GOP Erupts On Hypocritical Democrats

GOP Leaders Call For Second Hearing of New Biden Official

Following months of the Democrats trying to pursue investigations and criticizing former President Trump for the classified documents found in their possession, the Republicans are now taking a similar stance towards President Biden, despite previously supporting Trump.

While Republicans were quick to say that the Democrats are hypocritical in their stance towards the two cases, it is actually the GOP that is treating the two cases completely differently. Following the revelation that less than two dozen classified documents were found in President Biden’s possession which date back to the Obama administration the Republicans are increasing the pressure to have investigations into both the classified documents and the length of time it took to publicize the findings.

The first batch of classified documents was found on Nov. 2 in Biden’s private office at the Penn Biden Center. However, information about the classified information being found was not included in any report until earlier this month. Following the discovery of the first batch, additional searches led to the discovery of two more batches in Biden’s Delaware home.

The Republicans have questioned why it took almost two months for this information to be publicized. More importantly, many are questioning why Biden’s home has not been raided in the same way as former President Trump’s residence was.

The answer to this question though is relatively simple. Trump had refused to cooperate with an official request by the National Archives to have the files returned. Biden on the other hand located the files and immediately contacted the National Archives to let them take over. Therefore, a raid was not necessary in the second case.