Google Fined for Abusing Power in Online Advertising

Google Fined for Abusing Power in Online Advertising

( – Big Tech companies Google, Facebook and others have been accused of abusing their positions over the last couple of years in order to create a market monopoly where they basically squeeze out the competition. Now, one of those companies has received a massive fine of $268 million.

On Monday, June 7, France announced it fined Google for antitrust violations “for abusing its dominant position” in the market. Google is accused of giving its own company, Google Ad Manager, “preferential treatment.” They reportedly favored their AdX marketplace, a platform where publishers sell advertising space in real-time.

The company released a statement letting the public know that they were making changes to their ad technology. They have committed to allowing “equal access to data” to help advertisers “efficiently buy ad space” from French publishers. Google also said it would be “testing and developing these changes” in the ensuing months. Some of the changes will reportedly be rolled out globally.

Google has been faced with multiple lawsuits in recent months, so this could mark a big step for U.S. states and other countries looking to hold Big Tech companies accountable.

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