Glenn Youngkin Thinks He’ll Sail to Victory in Upcoming Election

Glenn Youngkin Thinks He'll Sail to Victory in Upcoming Election

( – Virginia voters will pick their next governor this week. Democrat Terry McAuliffe, an ally of Hillary Clinton and President Joe Biden, is taking on Republican Glenn Youngkin. In spite of that relationship, the GOP candidate is certain he’s going to sail to victory.

On October 28, Youngkin spoke to Fox News’ Sean Hannity about the upcoming election. He said McAuliffe’s “campaign is absolutely failing” and the “sun is setting on his 43-year political career.” The Republican went on to say he believes Virginia voters are going to make a big statement and the election “isn’t gonna be close.”

Youngkin’s comments come days after a new Fox News poll showed him leading McAuliffe 53% to 45%. Two weeks ago, the same poll showed the Democrat winning 51% to 46%. That’s not to say the Republican isn’t still facing an uphill battle.

Although the Fox News poll has him leading, other polls show the race much closer. The Cook Political Report has said the race is a toss-up and has not changed that opinion in more than a month. FiveThirtyEight’s polling average shows Youngkin leading McAuliffe 47.8% to 46.8%.

It looks like the race is going to come down to the wire. Former President Donald Trump is holding a virtual rally for Youngkin on Monday night. Voters will make their decision hours later on November 2.

Who do you think will win the race?

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