Ghislaine Maxwell’s Lawyer Says She Won’t Fight to Keep Name of Abusers Secret Anymore

Ghislaine Maxwell's Lawyer Says She Won't Fight to Keep Name of Abusers Secret Anymore

( – If you thought the Ghislaine Maxwell case ended with a jury convicting her on sexual coercion and trafficking charges, think again. A new twist in the case involving a number of parties connected to the Epstein scandal stands to reveal the true nature of their involvement and whether they also participated in the abuse of young teen girls.

Maxwell Gives Up Fight to Protect Accomplices

Ghislaine Maxwell has thus far fought to keep the names private of other individuals initially connected to the Epstein scandal via a lawsuit the disgraced financier’s alleged victim Virginia Giuffre first filed against her back in 2015. That document refers to the allegedly involved parties only as “John Does,” rather than by their actual names.

Giuffre claims that Ghislaine groomed her and trafficked her to a variety of locations, including Epstein’s famous lolita island, and coerced her into having sex with the disgraced financier and the thus far unnamed John Does. She says the men were not only connected to Epstein’s deplorable sex ring, but also directly participated in his crimes.

A letter Maxwell’s lawyers sent to District Court Judge Loretta Preska on January 12 suggests that her attempts to protect the potentially guilty have finally come to an end. The socialite will no longer fight Giuffre’s repeated requests to reveal their names to the public.

Clues Suggest Possible Links

Court documents refer to the unnamed individuals only as “Non-Party Does 17, 53, 54, 55, 73, 93, and 151.” While the court has yet to reveal their exact identities, it’s possible to make an educated guess based on evidence collected throughout the ongoing scandal.

The most obvious example is Prince Andrew. Giuffre accuses the royal family member of sexually assaulting her on at least three different occasions at the tender age of 17. Guiffre filed a separate lawsuit against the Duke of York in that matter back in August of 2021.

Famous attorney Alan Dershowitz may also be on the list. Giuffre filed a lawsuit against him in 2019 alleging that Epstein compelled her to have sex with the lawyer on at least one occasion. He filed a countersuit accusing her of defamation.

The UK’s MailOnline news outlet alleges that at least six of the John Does mentioned in the court files directly object to the unsealing of their names. John Doe 17 expressed concern over how the case might cause him annoyance or embarrassment. In contrast, John Doe 151 feared the paparazzi might somehow ruin his private life.

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