Ghislaine Maxwell Witness Breaks Down During Trial

Ghislaine Maxwell Witness Breaks Down During Trial

( – A woman who says she was sexually abused by wealthy socialite Ghislaine Maxwell broke into tears on the second day of Maxwell’s trial. The emotional scene came during a horrifying tale of grooming and exploitation.

The woman, who’s using the pseudonym “Jane” for the trial, is one of four prosecution witnesses who claim they were recruited and groomed by 59-year-old Maxwell, then forced into sexual acts with the late Jeffrey Epstein – and with Maxwell herself. Jane says she met Epstein and Maxwell when she was 14 and began visiting Epstein’s home in Palm Beach, FL; once there, she was abused by the pair, including being forced to take part in orgies.

Jane became emotional as she told the court she couldn’t tell her mother about the abuse because she was “emotionally unavailable.” Meanwhile, Maxwell’s defense team repeatedly attacked her credibility. At one point Jane said Epstein took her to see The Lion King when she was 14 – and an attorney immediately pounced, pointing out the movie wasn’t released until 1997, when “Jane” was 17.

Maxwell is facing up to 80 years in prison if she’s convicted, and a guilty verdict would worry other powerful people who knew Epstein. Maxwell denies all the charges, and her defense team is working hard to show that what her accusers are saying in court isn’t the same as what they told investigators earlier. Win or lose, the trial looks like being a bruising experience for Jane and the other alleged victims.

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