Ghislaine Maxwell Not Expected to Participate at Own Trial

Ghislaine Maxwell Not Expected to Participate at Own Trial

( – Ghislaine Maxwell is facing charges for her participation in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking crimes. The prosecution accused her of grooming minors and participating in sex acts with them and the convicted pedophile. The defense just started its case in court, and a family spokesperson reported the accused is “unlikely to testify” on her own behalf. They said she’s “too fragile.”

Although she probably won’t take the stand, her defense will likely call about 35 witnesses to dispute the charges against her.

It’s not unusual for defendants to stay out of the witness box, especially if the defense thinks it will hurt the case. Putting her on the stand would open her up to cross-examination by the prosecution, and sources say Maxwell is unable to “acquit herself properly.”

The defense alleges multimillion-dollar payments are behind the victims’ testimonies, but jury consultant Dr. Jill Huntly Taylor said that strategy is risky. She said going after a victim in the “era of MeToo” might backfire.

Maxwell’s Attorney Bobbi Sternheim suspects Epstein manipulated Maxwell into participating in his illegal escapades. She also believes the prosecution is only using her as a scapegoat because they can’t go after the pedophile himself. December 16 marked the eleventh day of Maxwell’s trial.

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